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The Pentecostal Mission
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This article is about The Pentecostal Mission (20th century). For the Pentecostal Mission (19th century), see Church of the Nazarene.
The Pentecostal Mission (TPM)[1], formerly known as Ceylon Pentecostal Mission (CPM) or Universal Pentecostal Church, is a pentecostal[2] denomination which originated in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka. The international headquarters is now situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the strict, more orthodox Pentecostal denominations.
The mission was founded in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1923.[3], by a Hindu convert Ramankutty - later known as Pastor Paul[4]. It now has churches (or Faith Homes) in every continent with close to 1 to 2 million believers worldwide. The church has spread to many parts of Sri Lanka, as well as India, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, England, France, Europe, Africa, Caribbean Islands, and the Middle East, and it's continuing to expand.
In the United States the church is known as "New Testament Church" and is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. It has its annual convention in July at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. In the United Kingdom it is known as "Universal Pentecostal Church". In other parts of the world, the church is known by the following names:[5]
The Universal Pentecostal Church - Great Britain
Eglise de Pentecote Primitive – France
Grace New Covenant Pentecostal Church – Canada
New Testament Church – Trinidad & Tobago
Iglesia Communion Cristiana – Puerto Rico
Iglesia Communion Cristiana – Dominican Republic
New Testament Church – Sierra Leone
New Covenant Pentecostal Church – Australia
New Testament Church - New Zealand
New Testament Church– Papua New Guinea
New Testament Church – Nepal
New Testament Church – Fiji
Iglesia del Nueva Testamento – Mexico
Iglesia Communion Cristiana – El Salvador
Iglesia Communion Cristiana – Costa Rica
New Testament Church - Kenya
Christliche Gnaden Gemeinde – Switzerland
Neue Testament Kirche – Germany
The Universal Pentecostal Church - Nigeria
The Pentecostal Mission (TPM) - (India)
Ceylon Pentecostal Mission - Sri Lanka
Pentecostal Church of Malaysia
Pentecostal Church of Singapore
New Testament Church - Middle East, HQ Dubai
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3 Church Leadership
4 Doctrines and teachings
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[edit] Other branches
Abu Dhabi
South Africa
Ivory Coast
Republic of Congo
Puerto Rico
Hong Kong
TPM is run by full-time workers who are celibate[6] and predominantly single. Married couples who enter full-time work are also expected to become celibate, and may be sent to different locations by the TPM leadership. These full-time workers are expected to forsake the world, all the things and attractions of the world, and even their own families to be a minister or worker for full-time, consecrated ministry[7]. They are expected to be dedicated to the ministry of the church, their calling, to prepare themselves for Jesus' return and to also lead others to Christ.
According to the church, these workers all around the world are to be awake at dawn to praise God and to pray for every member in the church. They are to fast and pray often. They conduct prayer meetings that last hours together. They claim that most of the sermons preached are through prayer and waiting in the Lord. They consider these sermons to be extremely deep in the truths of the Bible. According to the church members, it is said that they do not seek offering and live in faith. The church’s one mission is to prepare each and every believer in its church to be ready for Jesus' second coming.
[edit] History
According to historian Somaratna[8][9], "The Ceylon Pentecolstal Mission owes it's origin to the ministry of Walter Clifford." The TPM espoused an ascetic approach to spirituality. The CPM instituted indigenous forms of worship. The church was founded by Pastor Paul along with brother Alwin R. de Alwis[10]. The church says that many were healed especially the Buddhist and Hindus in Sri Lanka.
[edit] Church Leadership
The worldwide TPM is led by a Chief Pastor. Chief Pastors are generally appointed for life, and leadership is passed down after death to the next in seniority. The current Chief Pastor, Wilson Joseph, succeeded the late Pastor T.U. Thomas (died on 6 November 2006) as the Chief Pastor and Pastors Wesley and Joy Fitch as Deputy/Associate Pastors. Chief Pastor previously served as Pastor to the Singapore Pentecostal Mission. In America most of church work was pioneered by one named Pastor Don M Spiers. Pastor Don was eventually working with Oral Roberts ministries[11] [12]. Later he joined NTC (New Testament Church) know as TPM and pioneered in establishing church in most parts of USA and in the west.

Pastor Don M. Spiers who was the associate chief pastor in the USA and who pioneered most of the works in US.
[edit] Doctrines and teachings
The doctrines of the church include: Trinity, New Birth, Water Baptism, Baptism of the Holy Spirit as evidenced by speaking in unknown tongues, Separation, Divine Healing, Entire Sanctification (of the Body, Soul and Spirit), Overcoming Life, Consecrated Ministry, Rapture, Tribulation and Great Tribulation, Resurrection, The Millennial Reign, The Great White Throne Judgement, and Eternity.
[edit] Basic doctrines
As per the church the doctrines are
There is one God, eternally existent as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.
The Bible is God's only inspired, written, Word to mankind - trustworthy, authoritative, and infallible.
The work of redemption by Jesus Christ - His virgin birth, atoning death, burial, and resurrection - is complete and prefect. Salvation (new birth) must be preceded by sincere repentance toward God and faith in Christ as risen Savior and Lord.
Water Baptism by immersion is mandatory for all who have been cleansed by the blood of Christ, and provides a further work of grace in the believer's life. It must be administered by a spirit filled minister in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, is the promise of the Father for all of His children. Only through the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit can the believer live a life of true holiness and victory over the flesh, the world, and the devil.
Jesus Christ is coming back soon for a "glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle". Only those who are thus prepared, those who ardently love His appearing, will be caught up to reign with Him as His Bride.
There will be a resurrection of the just and the unjust - the one to eternal life, other to eternal damnation.
Further, they do not believe in wearing jewellery[13], and encourage divine healing rather than depending on medicine. The full time workers in the church would generally believe this to the point of not going to hospitals or doctors. They discourage watching television or visiting the cinemas. They believe that their rules and regulations prevent the believer from being trapped in the world. They preach and teach separation from the world, to prepare themselves for the Second_Coming.
[edit] International conventions
The international convention is held at Irumbuliyur in Chennai, India, every year in the month of March/April as well as at Kottarakara in Kerala, India, every year in the month of February. It is one of the largest Pentecostal conventions in India where a crowd of over 100,000 worshipers from all over the country and the world participate. All the people who come can make use of the basic amenities like food and accommodation which are provided by the church, free of cost, for 5 days. It is also said that there is well arranged order while food is being given out for almost 1,00,000 people.
Every year in the month of November an International Youth Camp is held at the same place. Young people converge in this place from different parts of the world.
One of the main convention (conference) in North and South America is held at Virginia in the USA on every year on the first week of July.
[edit] Other activities
The church has a Magazine ministry where magazines in several languages are printed and distributed to subscribers. The English magazine published from India is called Voice of Pentecost. Pilgrim's Journal is another magazine which is published and printed in USA. Email edition of Pilgrim's Journal can be subscribed by sending an email to Other English Magazines are: "Pentecostal Messenger" from Malaysia, "The Youth Herald" from Singapore, "Power Divine" from Sri Lanka, "Trumpet of the Lord" from U.K.
[edit] New Testament Christian Academy
In the year 2002 the church opened an academy known as "New Testament Christian Academy" in Sierra Leone where an experienced teacher and few church believers from the church school in Canada were sent to train teachers to set up the school. The school now has a staff of 13, teaching 57 children from grade K-4 to grade 6. The children from the Congo Cross and Wilberforce assemblies of this church attend the school. The church says "It is a great blessing from the Lord".
[edit] Tract Ministry
Tracts of different kinds and various life issues are also published and printed regularly in different languages (English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Nepali, Sinhala, German, Afrikaans, Swidish, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali, Assamese, Manipuri, Angami, Sema, Lotha, Ao, Khasi etc). These tracts address topics like Peace, Salvation, questions about life and healings.
[edit] Publications
There are a lot of books being published by the church to let them know the truths and beliefs of this church. The following are some of the publications:
The Biography of Pastor Paul (also includes biographies of other Pastor's after Pastor Paul)
Divine healing
Water Baptism
An Exposition of the Book of Revelation
The Second Coming of Christ
Deeper Truths
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Anointing of the Holy Spirit
God, Angels and Man
Redemption, Repentance and New Birth
Morning Manna (daily devotional)
New Testament Ministry
A Study on the Will of God - Read Online/Download eBook
The life of Joseph
Twenty Judgments
God's Eternal Purpose for Man
The Sweetness of Psalms 23
Zion, The Perfection of Beauty
Answers to 50 Difficult Questions in Christian Life
Forgiveness the Foretaste of Heaven - Read Online/Download eBook
Human Pride & Divine Humility - Read Online/Download eBook
Journey of the Israelites - Read Online/Download eBook
Book of Daniel - Read Online/Download eBook
Malayalam magazine PENTECOST is one of oldest Pentecostal magazines from Kerala. Hindi edition PENTECOSTIN WANI published from New Delhi is also other landmark in the history of Church to spread the Gospel to northern part of India.
[edit] List of Chief Pastors
Main article: Chief Pastors
List of Chief Pastors from Pastor Paul founder of TPM/ NTC / UPC / NCPC
Pastor Paul (Founder and Chief Pastor) 1923 - 1945
Pastor Alwin R. de Alwis 1945 -1962
Pastor Freddy Paul 1962 - 1973
Pastor A .C. Thomas 1973 - 1976
Pastor Jacob Ratnasingham 1976 - 1990
Pastor V. G. Samuel 1990 - 1991
Pastor H. Ernest Paul 1991 - 1994
Pastor C .K. Lazarus 1994 - 1999
Pastor P .M. Thomas 1999 - 2001
Pastor T.U.Thomas 2001 - 2006
Pastor F. Wilson Joseph 2006 - till date
Pastor Don Spiers - Listen Now + Shining Light Series + Individual Sermons
Pastor T.U.Thomas - Listen Now + Christlikeness Series + Individual Sermons
Pastor T.M.Podikunju - (Malayalam - Real Player only):
The Prophecy of Daniel Listen Now
Jesus is Coming Soon Listen Now
The Righteous and Wicked Listen Now
Baptism Listen Now
List of all the chief pastors and other pastors of TPM or NTC. Chief Pastors
[edit] References
• This article includes material from the biography of Pastor Paul
• The Voice of Pentecost.
• Pilgrims Journal.


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